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 To discuss a treatment plan please feel free to visit or phone

052 744 34 35

Generally our services may be summarised as above, namely, deep tissue, remedial, sports and therapeutic massage for the relief of muscle pain and related injuries.

Massage can address many complaints, sometimes as a once off treatment, a series of treatments or continued treatments over time.

Some of many conditions that are treated at  BODYBASICS :

 back pain
 neck pain
 stress tension general stiffness
 injuries strains sprains sciatica joint pain
 trapped nerves
 whiplash sports injury
 arthritic pain scar tissue
 migraine restless leg
 fibromyalgia tendonitis poor circulation
 frozen shoulder
 carpal tunnel
 ligament strain
 plantar fascitis headache
 golfers' elbow shin splints foot pain
 tennis elbow rotator cuff injury
 ligament damage
 achilles tendonitis torn calf osgood schlatters ITB syndrome
 neuromuscular ankle injury bursitis hamstring injury inflammation
 detox skin tone
 digestion circulation strength

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